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About Us

Len Winkleman
Jeff, Zack, and Joanne Sherr

We care about our community

Back in 1971, the beginning saw Ames Plaza Drugs being a 16 foot wide store totaling less than 500 sq ft with 5 employees to what has grown to a 20,000 sq ft building that hosts almost 100 co-workers. In April 1992 we changed our name to Apple Discount Drugs as Ames Department store closed and we needed a new identity. That same year we expanded to create Apple Infusion to satisfy the growing needs of the community. In 1998 we sold Apple Institutional Services which was originally housed in our existing billing office. We moved them down the street before their eventual sale to Omnicare. The sale brought the retirement of our founder and mentor Len Winkleman.


We were approached by the Snow Hill town commissioners to open a store in their town, so in May 1999 Snow Hill Pharmacy opened and continues to operate today as a mainstay in Snow Hill.


Opportunity to expand to Berlin, Maryland was explored and a location opened in February 2003. It was eventually sold in September 2020.  The westside of Salisbury was on our radar so we opened Apple Discount Drugs Salisbury in February 2006 which currently resides in the Pecan Square shopping center.


The changes in the industry have created challenges but those challenges became opportunities to us. Many of the “veterans” like myself long for those “good old days” but they are long gone. Now our job is to try to continue to create opportunities for ourselves and looking at the talent on our team we WILL get there. As I’ve always said “there is no “I” in team, thus working together and practicing kindness with each other internally and to our patients is the beginning of those “good old days” again. Positive customer experiences and going out of our way for patients is the “secret sauce” to success.  We want everyone to experience the Apple Difference.

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