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Apple MedSync 

Pass-Strip-High-resSynchronized Prescription Refills 

The Apple MedSync program is a prescription synchronization program designed to make filling prescriptions on a regular basis more convenient.  Prescriptions are synchronized to be refilled, automatically, on the same day of each month – replacing multiple trips to the pharmacy with only one trip on “refill day.”

Patients are assigned a day of the month to have all of their prescriptions and OTC items ready for pick up or delivery.  Prior to this day, patients are contacted with a single call to inquire if there have been any changes.  Apple MedSync eliminates multiple calls to the doctor and pharmacy.  Apple does it for you!  

An Apple pharmacist reviews the prescription list each month and monitors changes after doctor or hospital visits.  Worries about forgetting to call for prescription refills or running out of medications are a thing of the past with the Apple MedSync Program.   


Apple Pax

Daily Medications in One Packet

The Apple Pax Program is a medication packaging service designed to take the worry out of daily dosing of routine medications.  Apple Pax organizes all daily medications into packets that are labeled according to time of dosing.  Up to 5 tablets or capsules can be combined in one packet that is printed with the date, time, names of medications and the doctor’s name.  The packet also includes a description of the medications and reminders for non-pill medications (i.e. inhalers and insulin).  Over-the-counter items such as vitamins can be added to your Apple Pax packets.  

Packets are contained in one box and refill dates are coordinated so that only one box per month is necessary.  Apple processes the refills automatically and the new box of medication is ready for pick up or delivery on the same day each month.  The Apple Pax System helps caregivers who can easily check to ensure loved ones are taking their medications.  The system promotes compliance to medication instructions provided by the doctor.  Good medication compliance can result in decreased hospital stays, emergency room visits and admittance to nursing home facilities.  Apple Pax can give you peace of mind about complicated dosing schedules for you and your loved ones.  











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