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Addressing Special Needs
Until now, practitioners who wanted to customize medicinal therapy for a particular patient found little or no support from practitioners, manufacturers or pharmacists. You now have the opportunity to initiate customized therapy.  

Just What the Doctor OrderedCompounding Container
Pharmacies have lost sight of some of its founding principles, notably the art of extemporaneous compounding. Apple Discount Drugs is embracing the roots of the profession of pharmacy by offering the option to have medicinals compounded to meet special needs. Using commercially available products, high-tech molds, bulk chemicals, and new drug delivery systems, we can create a huge number of alternative dosage forms. 

Each compounded prescription is created to your prescriber’s specifications to meet your unique needs. With today’s technology, yesterday’s art, and currently available dosage delivery systems, the list is almost endless. 

Back to the Future
It has been said that before we can look to the future we must look to the past. Although many disease states can be treated with standard forms of available drugs, today’s practitioners are increasingly more frustrated by the lack of commercially available products or dosage forms. Using time honored techniques, coupled with today’s knowledge of therapeutic chemistry, the pharmacists at Apple Discount Drugs are indeed incorporating the past into the future. 

Rob form Apple Drugs in CompoundingCompounding
Our compounding room is a separate work space from the main pharmacy to facilitate a suitable work area for pharmacists preparing your special medications. The compounding room is stocked with all the necessary materials and bulk drug items to compound virtually anything your physician has prescribed. 

Transdermal Pain Creams
Transdermal creams can offer delivery of selected medications directly to the source of the pain. The types of medications that may be combined to develop a topical pain relief cream include non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAID’s), local anesthetics, muscle relaxants, tricyclic anti-depressants and others that have proven to be successful in relieving arthritic as well as neuropathic pain. Transdermal pain creams allow for an increased concentration of the medication at the site of pain.  They work more rapidly than oral medications and are not sedating or addictive and do not cause unwanted side effects such as stomach distress. The added advantage of combining some of the above mentioned drug classes can help eliminate taking multiple medications by mouth along with possible reduction in co-pays.    It’s a win-win all the way around.

compounding-picBefore I found out Apple Discount Drugs could compound the medication I needed for my bladder problems, I had to travel all the way to Johns Hopkins for treatment every week. Now I can get my prescription filled through Apple’s Compounding Lab and administer the medication myself.

And it’s working… the pain is gone! The staff at Apple has been wonderful to me and my family… they are always there to help when you need them – they simply can’t be beat!”

-Julia Dolbey, Salisbury

Vet-CompoundingImprove the health and happiness of your pet.
Apple pharmacists prepare customized medications for patients all the time, this includes your pet!.  Animals can suffer from different variations of human diseases including eye and ear infections, skin rashes, heart conditions, cancer, and diabetes. As many pet owners know, animals can be extremely difficult to treat with medications.

Apple’s solution is to turn a pet prescription into a tasty treat or topical for your furry friend by turning pet medications into lollipops, gummy troches, topical creams, rapid dissolving tablets, suppositories and good tasting suspensions. Flavored oil or suspensions work well to turn human formulated medications into easy to give medications for your animal. Your pet will love medicine time when we mix it with flavors like peanut butter, liver, cheese, salmon or bacon. Apple can turn most medications into a gel that can be rubbed into the animal’s ear. The formula allows the medication to be absorbed into the skin within minutes.

“When my 9 year old black lab, Buddy, suffered from his first seizure, I didn’t know what to do. When I found out that Apple Discount Drugs would compound his medication on the property, I was so relieved. Now Buddy gets his medicine mixed in with his food and is a happy, healthy dog. I have been a dedicated Apple customer for over twelve years and can’t possibly think of anywhere else I would go for my prescriptions and Buddy’s too.”

-Mike Deem, Quantico, MD



W-S Associates, Inc dba Apple Discount Drug compounds and dispenses prescription drug products to patients only upon receipt of a valid, patient-specific prescription.


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