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Welcome to the new Apple Discount Drugs website! Please take a minute to browse through our site to learn more about all of the health care services we provide to our customers (and we always do it with a smile!)

Filling prescriptions is just one of the many services we provide in addition to respiratory, home health care, infusion, compounding, diabetes counseling and so much more. We also have the ability to flavor all oral medication with over 30 flavors with our new Flavor Rx® system. Apple Discount Drugs is your one-stop-shop for all your healthcare needs! Visit us in Fruitland, Salisbury, or Snow Hill. Hope to see you soon!

Apple Discount Drugs - 404A N. Fruitland Blvd., Salisbury, MD 21801
Tel (410) 749-8401   Toll Free (800) 424-8401

Apple Discount Drugs #2 - 1210 Nanticoke Rd., Unit 11, Salisbury, MD 21801
Tel (410) 543-8401  

Apple Infusion, Inc. - 404B N. Fruitland Blvd. Salisbury, MD 21801
Tel (410) 860-1669   Toll Free (877) 860-1669

Snow Hill Pharmacy - 5610 Market Street, Unit 2, Snow Hill, MD 21863
Tel (410) 632-3500