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No Appointment Required for Immunizations at Apple

SALISBURY, MD– August, 2014– Thoughts of the relaxing summer months can quickly go out the door when hectic holiday celebrations, camp schedules and family vacations come into play.  Many families don’t stop to think about carving time out of their busy schedule to make appointments for check-ups and immunizations until the start of the school year gets closer.  Apple Discount Drugs can help with the stress of scheduling immunizations by becoming your Vaccine Destination.

“People may not know this but Maryland pharmacists can now administer all CDC-approved vaccines,” said Jeff Sherr, president, Apple Discount Drugs.  “We understand people are busy and therefore wanted to make it as convenient as possible for families, from young to old, to get all recommended immunizations according to their age group.”

If a specific immunization requires a prescription, Apple pharmacists will work directly with a customer’s physician to get the prescription filled and administer the vaccine.  For people traveling out of the country, Apple Discount Drugs pharmacists are available to research the immunizations required according to a particular destination, manage the process of acquiring the prescription and administering the vaccine in the appropriate timeframe.

“The immunization services we provide fits Apple’s Healthcare Initiative,” added Sherr.  “People vaccinate to protect their children and elderly family members who are just as vulnerable.  Vaccinations are one of the best ways to put an end to the serious effects of a certain diseases.  Unlike most medicines, which treat or cure diseases, vaccines prevent them.”


How Vaccines Work

Vaccines reduce the risk of infection by working with the body’s natural defenses to help it safely develop immunity to disease.  When germs invade the body they attack and multiply.  This is an infection which is what causes illness.  Once it fights off the infection, the body is left with a supply of cells that help recognize and fight that disease in the future.

Vaccines help develop immunity by imitating an infection, but this “imitation” infection does not cause illness. It does cause the immune system to develop the same response as it does to a real infection so the body can recognize and fight the vaccine-preventable disease in the future. Sometimes, after getting a vaccine, the imitation infection can cause minor symptoms, such as fever. Such minor symptoms are normal and should be expected as the body builds immunity.


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