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Canvas Lace-Up Ankle Brace - Click to learn more and order

Lightweight provides ankle stability to weak or injured ankles. Ideal for sprains, strains, ankle instability or after cast removal. Made of cool, breathable canvas that molds to foot and ankle for an even fit. Has anatomically shaped and removable metal spring stays for increased medial/lateral stability. Fits right or left. Color: White. Manufacturer:  FLA Orthopedics Inc.

Cast and Bandage Protectors, Adult Foot/Ankle (10″) - Click to learn more and order

Watertight design allows patients to shower. Features patented design to provide quick one-handed application. Made from tough, long-lasting abrasion-resistant taffeta vinyl. Reusable and ideal for home or hospital use. Offers durable and waterproof protection for casts, burns, bandages, poison ivy, skin abrasions, stitches and more. Convenient and easy to use.  Manufacturer:  Duro-Med Industries

Contour / Lumbar BackSupport Cushion - Click to learn more and order

The ideal lumbar support to ease lower back pain. Made of molded, highly-resilient foam. Features an orthopedic design that relieves tension and helps keep spine in proper alignment.Ideal for travel, home or office use. Features attractive, removable and washable covers with convenient straps that help hold the cushion in place. Manufacturer:  Duro-Med Industries

EpiSport® Tennis Elbow Brace - Click to learn more and order

Worn during activity or sports play to hold the forearm tendons in a more parallel position to minimize stretching and tearing. Helps relieve pain and discomfort associated with the movement of the forearm. Lining absorbs shock and helps keep moisture away from skin. Ideal for wear during tennis, golf, weight lifting, and work activities. Fits [.. Read more product information here ..]

FoamWalker™ - Click to learn more and order

The FoamWalker is a cost-effective walking brace that provides full-shell protection with semi-pneumatic support. It has a lightweight, durable, semi-rigid shell that supports the limb while providing protection. The shell’s rocker sole helps reduce plantar pressures. Housed within the shell are two aircells for compression and support at the malleoli. Each aircell can be custom [.. Read more product information here ..]

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