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7″ Cool-Lightweight Lumbar Sacral Support - Click to learn more and order

Quality 7″ high elastic with four flexible plastic stays in the back to provide strength to the lumbar region. Four inch wide tapered breathable elastic bands overlap and give a contouring shape to most body types. Unique ventilated filament stitch, soft plush finish with an easy hook and loop closure. Ideal for lightweight lumbar support. [.. Read more product information here ..]

Abdominal Binder - Click to learn more and order

These three-panel and four-panel elastic surgical binders provide support and compression to abdominal muscles weakened by strain without restricting breathing or muscle redevelopment. The is avaliable in a three-panel (9″ height) or a four-panel (12″ height) design and can be worn inconspicuously under most clothing. Color: White. Manufacturer:  FLA Orthopedics Inc.

Air-Stirrup® Ankle Brace - Click to learn more and order

Each Aircast Ankle Brace features anatomically designed shells lined with the patented Duplex™ aircell system. This exclusive system incorporates two pre-inflated overlapping aircells, distal and proximal, that provide support and produce graduated compression during ambulation. The compression promotes efficient edema reduction in addition to helping accelerate rehabilitation. Manufacturer:  Aircast

Ankle Support with Neoprene – Youth - Click to learn more and order

Sports neoprene for compression and therapeutic warmth  Supports the ankle  Limits swelling and decreases pain  Allows for a full range of motion  Easy slip-on style, open heel  Can be worn over or under a sock  Indicated for Mild Sprains, Ankle Strains, Tendinitis, Juvenile Arthritis, and Weak Ankles Color: Navy Sizing (by ankle circumference): Youth = 7 [.. Read more product information here ..]

Aquashield® Water Tight Cast & Bandage Protector - Click to learn more and order

Reusable water tight protector keeps casts and bandages dry during bathing, showering, and swimming Available in Half Leg, Full Leg, Half Arm, and Full Arm styles in both Adult and Child sizes Manufacturer:  FLA Orthopedics Inc.

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