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Antibiotic Therapy

INF-Antibotic-Pain-Mixing6Some patients require IV antibiotic therapy that lasts longer than their hospital stay. Rather than keep the patient for a long stay in the hospital, the patient is able to convalesce at home, not only saving the insurance company money but also the patient. After initial dosing given in the hospital or infusion site setting, Apple Infusion can provide home antibiotic therapy given intravenously through a long-term catheter requiring no needles. Most antibiotic therapy can be given thru a device called an elastomeric. This easy to use device uses pressure and a controlled tubing system based on rate and volume to administer medications. This device does not require the use of an IV pole making the patient ambulatory during therapy. 

INF-Antibotic-Pain-Mixing4Many infections can be treated at home. Examples of these types of disease states are: osteomyelitis, urinary tract infections, and MRSA. Examples of antibiotic therapy administered at home include: Vancomycin, Zosyn, and Rocephin.1 

1 List is not extensive.



INF Antibotic-Pain Mixing5


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