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Diabetes Power Point PictureThe Apple Drugs Diabetes Center/Core Clincal Care is nationally accredited and located within the Fruitland pharmacy.  Patients can enjoy the convenience of “one-stop shopping” for all their diabetes care needs.  Patients can have their prescriptions filled and get their diabetes supplies (glucose meters and testing strips), diabetes footwear, along with diabetes education and coaching.  An individual with diabetes can have all their needs filled at one central location.

With the addition of John Motsko, Registered Pharmacist and Certified Diabetes Educator, to the Apple “family” in January 2009, the Apple Drugs Diabetes Center was established to provide exceptional diabetes education in an environment other than a hospital or clinic.  In 2011, the Apple Drugs Diabetes Center became nationally accredited through the American Association of Diabetes Educators.  The Apple Drugs Diabetes Center is the only pharmacy based accredited diabetes center in the area and one of only a few nationwide.  

Pharmacist Geoff Twigg joined John in 2012 and also earned the status of Certified Diabetes Educator.  Additionally, Geoff has earned certification in Mediation Therapy Management (MTM) and Ambulatory Care Pharmacy.  Together, both John and Geoff have a combined 45 years experience in helping patients with diabetes.  The Diabetes Center also utilizes the services of a Registered Dietician to help patients with diabetes reach and maintain their nutrition goals.

In 2015 we launched Core Clinical Care and expanded our services.  Individuals with diabetes can receive the following services at a single location:  Individual and group diabetes self-management education/training, nutritional counseling, blood glucose testing supplies, diabetic shoes and accessories, medication therapy management, in addition to traditional prescription service.  Patients receive a convenient “one-stop shopping” experience for all of their diabetes needs at Apple Drugs Diabetes Center/Core Clinical Care and Apple Discount Drugs.

 Additional services provided by the Diabetes Center include, insulin injection, pen device instruction and glucose meter data download and review.    Group classes consist of a total of nine hours of education covering a wide variety of topics to help diabetics become empowered to manage their diabetes.  Pre-registration is required for the group class instruction.

For more information, contact John Motsko ( or Geoff Twigg (, or call 410-749-8401 for more information.


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