SALISBURY, MD– February, 2015– Apple Discount Drugs Diabetes Center has renewed its accredited diabetes education program with the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE). Local community members will continue to have access to quality diabetes education services, including one-on-one and group counseling, workshops and diabetes product education and training.  This current certification assures quality education through the year 2019.

“Being in the healthcare profession, we care about the health and well-being of the people in our community,” said John Motsko, Apple Certified Diabetes Educator®.  “With the rate of people living with diabetes on the Shore almost doubling the national rate, we know there is a need for specialized diabetes services and counseling.  We know this disease doesn’t go away so we want to empower people to learn how to manage diabetes and live a better quality of life.  This reaccreditation symbolizes our commitment to excellence in supporting healthy lifestyles and providing the best quality care to our customers.”

Diabetes self-management education is a process led by a certified diabetes educator that helps people with pre-diabetes or diabetes learn how to self-manage their condition. The goal is to equip each person with the necessary knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions about their diabetes. Accreditation ensures that each program meets the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support.

“Diabetes education is moving out of traditional settings like hospitals and into the community where patients are seeking care. AADE’s accreditation program was created to provide structure and confidence to these sites to ensure patients are getting the quality diabetes education that they deserve to self-manage their conditions,” said Leslie Kolb MBA, BSN, RN– Director of Accreditation at AADE. “Apple Discount Drugs offers the exact type of program we envisioned when we created DEAP in 2009. Congratulations of your renewal!”


More about the Apple Drugs Diabetes Center

Through the Apple Drugs Diabetes Center, John Motsko and Geoff Twigg offer one-on-one and group counseling sessions to educate, provide resources and support diabetic patients in managing the disease. During each counseling session, John and Geoff provide information on nutrition, lifestyle changes, stress and coping strategies and also discuss the correct use of diabetes medicines. They teach customers about the different types of blood glucose meters and discuss the importance of testing each meter to make sure it is functioning properly. The Center also offers blood glucose meter data analysis and download service to allow patients to “see” their blood sugar readings more effectively. Patients are encouraged to call for an appointment for their consultation.


Motsko is a registered pharmacist and a Certified Diabetes Educator. He has been working in the diabetes field for over 4 decades. Twigg is a PharmD, a Certified Diabetes Educator and is also Board Certified in Ambulatory Care Pharmacy. Geoff’s specialty is in Medication Therapy Management. Together they combine to bring almost 50 years of diabetes experience to their patients.




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