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Zack2Zack Sherr, Pharmacist

Zack Sherr, son of Apple owner Jeff Sherr, graduated on May 16, 2014 with a Doctor of Pharmacy from UMES School of Pharmacy.  Prior to attending UMES, Sherr majored in Business Information Technology for two years at Virginia Tech and then transferred to Salisbury University where he majored in Biology.

During his time at UMES School of Pharmacy, Sherr completed two years of year-round course work and a third year of advanced pharmacy practice experience; similar to eight 5-week internships.  He put in time at the Apple Discount Drugs pharmacy counter, Apple Home Infusion, Ambulatory Care, Advanced Community, Atlantic General Hospital, PRMC Acute Care, Tawes Nursing Home and two sessions at UMES where he did leadership rotations and research projects on compounding practices.       

Zack may be the most recent addition to the pharmacy team at Apple Discount Drugs but this is certainly not the first time he has worked for the family business. 

“I started emptying trash cans and filling the soda machines when I was 14,” said Zack Sherr.  “I learned at a young age that there really is no such thing as a free ride – you have to work for what you want.  My father taught me that if you want something bad enough you will push yourself to the limit.  Even if it is intimidating, you just have to give it your best and never give up.”


Ben Forrest, Pharmacist

Ben Forrest joined the Apple pharmacy team in 2015.  He did his undergrad work at Towson University and graduated from UMES School of Pharmacy in 2014. His prior work experience was with a chain pharmacy but made the switch to Apple because it is a more community centered pharmacy and offers many different unique services. Ben enjoys working with the staff and having the opportunity to meet new people and get to know the customers. He and his wife, who is also a pharmacist, live in Salisbury. In his free time he enjoys watching movies and spending time with family and friends.



Tom Crum, Pharmacist

Tom Crum joined the Apple Berlin pharmacy team in 2017.  He graduated in 2015 with a Doctor of Pharmacy from UMES School of Pharmacy.  Prior to attending UMES, Tom earned a bachelor degree in biology from Salisbury University. 

“I always heard great things about Apple Discount Drugs,” said Crum.  “The way they treat both the staff and customers and how the company provides quality care for every person who walks through the doors.”

Tom lives in Salisbury with his wife Jess and their two dogs.  When he is not serving customers at Apple’s Berlin pharmacy counter, he enjoys traveling. 


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